Head Graphene XT Zephyr

Varekode: 228219

"The Graphene XT Zephyr swings easy. As such, it is perfect for rising beginners or anyone who values maneuverability. At only 345 grams, this racket will not only enable you to react quicker to your opponent's shots, but it will also help you swing with more speed (think power). The Zephyr is built with Head's Flexible Chassis, which creates a softer feel at impact along with a larger sweetspot, ensuring a more forgiving feel on off-center contact. This racket also features Graphene XT, which optimizes weight distribution for easier access to pace. Ultimately, with its seductive combination of maneuverability and power, the Zephyr is a nice option for those who want an easier path to high performance."

1 299,-

Lagerstatus: På lager



Vekt: 345 g
Rammeprofil: 38 mm
Form: Rund
Balanse: Middels


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